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of Paradise

Moon Palace Private Reserve

Upon entering Moon Palace Cancun, you’ll find a road that takes you to different sections of the resort. The road is surrounded by a pristine jungle. What many people don’t realize is that this area is designated as the Moon Palace Private Reserve – a designation certified by the National Commission of Natural Reserves.


The reserve is located completely within the resort – it is a biological corridor comprised of 127 hectares made up of beautiful mangroves and low-laying wetlands, which serves as home to diverse species in their natural habitat.  Among them are: crocodiles, birds such as the peregrine falcon, and mammals such as deer, anteaters, squirrels, and more. We’ve even seen pumas!


On your next visit to Moon Palace Cancun, take in the sensation of being surrounded by all this marvelous flora and fauna native to Quintana Roo.


Caring for Our Friends

Because we appreciate watching our cohabitants safely stroll through this paradise, we have established a constant monitoring program for the wildlife. This program helps protect a great variety of wildlife, including 7 species in danger of extinction.


For example, we know that the crocodiles that are born in the reserve have a nurturing environment from which to grow, as we have seen firsthand how newborns flourish. We also have registered 133 species of birds and 14 mammal species.


The sea turtles are among the species in the reserve that face extinction threats. As a result, we have established protective areas for nests along our beaches in Cancun: at Moon Palace Cancun, Le Blanc Spa Resort, Beach Palace, and Sun Palace. In these areas we guarantee the ideal conditions for these fragile young turtles to  be safely released to the sea.


Making the Most of Our Resources

We cherish every one of the natural resources that comprise our paradise and that’s why we are committed to making the most of them. One of our most valued programs is our commitment to recycling used vegetable oil from resort kitchens by transporting it to a processing plant for conversion into biofuel. This biofuel, in turn, is used to power tractors that clean our beaches.


Another one of our programs involves the collection of garbage and waste on our beaches, the recycling of that waste, and its use as fertilizer to nourish native plants in our nursery (Yes, we have a nursery!) for different reforestation projects.


As we make maximum efforts to reduce our environmental impact, we treat wastewater with UV rays before using it to fill injection wells that are used for irrigation of landscaped areas. We also have heat pumps that reduce the use of gas by 60%.


Responsible Consumption

No, we are not referring to the premium beverages that we offer at our resorts (although we also stress their responsible consumption!), but instead we mean the efficient use of energy at the Palace Resorts properties. Each one of our teams is monitored and passes periodic maintenance tests to maximize efficiency. Ninety percent of the energy consumption at the resorts is produced by a third party, which receives carbon credits for reduced consumption and supplying clean energy.


Moon Palace Cancun features an Expo Center in which special carpeting was installed with solar cells for the purpose of supplying energy to power the air conditioning system. The power derived from the carpeting is directed to a 130-kilowatt plant, whose efficiency percentage is 60%. The cells capture solar power for 12-and-a-half hours; 12 hours during the day and 30 minutes at night, providing power from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.


Giving Back to Paradise

As we know, recycling is a fundamental part of caring for our planet. For that reason, Palace Resorts engages in diverse recycling projects for all manner of waste: everything from food waste, including fruit and vegetable peels and rinds, to landscaping debris, and, of course, classic recycling materials like glass, paper, cardboard, metals, plastics, and more.  Different materials are separated at the point where they are disposed of.


For example, restaurant and bar employees carry out a detailed process of separating bottles by color: green, amber, and transparent. Once properly sorted, the bottles are sent to facilities operated by the Palace Foundation for preparation to be melted and recycled into new bottles.


Palace Resorts Sustainability policy


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  • BJRD

    Wilmington, North Carolina

    Excellent entertainment staff

    We spent a week at Beach Palace, Cancun with our family. The entertainment staff kept us busy and entertained all week. Pool volleyball, Zumba and yoga. Trivia games every day and lots of nightly entertainment. Fun for kids and adults.

  • Tahira R

    Bradford, United Kingdom

    Fantastic Hotel

    It’s the first time we have visited Cancun and stayed at the Sun Palace Hotel, we will definitely be going back again. I couldn’t have asked for a better hotel. It was just truly amazing. The food was great. The hotel staff were so polite and friendly.

  • Art H

    Bluffton, South Carolina

    Moon Palace All Inclusive

    Wow! What a week this Is truly a five star resort. If I heard it from one, I heard it from all servers, "Its my pleasure to serve you". The resort's rooms were upscale and the food and food service was five star. We will definitely go back next year.

  • Lizzieoneill

    Altinkum, Turkey

    Wow! What a hotel

    Amazing, staff are wonderful and the beds are so so comfortable, I'm trying to find out what the mattress is so I buy one! I will definitely be back! Oh and try the Bob Marley cocktails (yeah man).

  • Harry S

    Lee's Summit, Missouri

    Amazing Resort!

    I have stayed at many very nice hotels, but the Le Blanc Spa Resort is my new favorite. This hotel is indeed worthy of their Five Diamond rating! The overall service at the Le Blanc is EXTRAORDINARY! From the pool servers to the butlers, we never waited for anything!