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Help us protecting the marine turtles of the Mexican Caribbean


Take part in one -of -a -kind experience to be close to nature and help
protect Cancun's Sea Turtle population for future generations.


The waters off of Cancun and the Riviera Maya used to teem with an abundance of sea life, including six out of seven sea turtle species on the planet. But mankind’s often cruel impact on the environment and global warming have conspired to damage many of nature’s wonders, including putting sea turtles in danger of extinction. That’s why Palace Resorts and its Palace Foundation have taken decisive steps to make sure and protect sea turtles along the beaches where their resorts are located.


On your all-inclusive vacation in the Caribbean, help us protect sea turtles

Actually, they’ve done more than protect the sea turtles. They have created an annual Sea Turtle Release Program at each of its properties in Cancun, where they protect the eggs from predators, nurture them, and then allow Palace Resorts guests to participate in their release back to nature and into the safe waters off of Cancun.

It’s an important step in increasing the numbers of sea turtles in the wild and allows Palace Resorts guests to play their part in an unforgettable experience that the family will never forget.

To date, Palace Resorts has protected 1,511,015 eggs from 13,744 nests and released 1,276,680 baby turtles back to the sea. Palace Foundation and Palace Resorts cares and invites you to join this magical program that helps to save one of the planet’s oldest and most beautiful species.


Ranks among the best resorts in all destinations


  • BJRD

    Wilmington, North Carolina

    Excellent entertainment staff

    We spent a week at Beach Palace, Cancun with our family. The entertainment staff kept us busy and entertained all week. Pool volleyball, Zumba and yoga. Trivia games every day and lots of nightly entertainment. Fun for kids and adults.

  • Tahira R

    Bradford, United Kingdom

    Fantastic Hotel

    It’s the first time we have visited Cancun and stayed at the Sun Palace Hotel, we will definitely be going back again. I couldn’t have asked for a better hotel. It was just truly amazing. The food was great. The hotel staff were so polite and friendly.

  • Art H

    Bluffton, South Carolina

    Moon Palace All Inclusive

    Wow! What a week this Is truly a five star resort. If I heard it from one, I heard it from all servers, "Its my pleasure to serve you". The resort's rooms were upscale and the food and food service was five star. We will definitely go back next year.

  • Lizzieoneill

    Altinkum, Turkey

    Wow! What a hotel

    Amazing, staff are wonderful and the beds are so so comfortable, I'm trying to find out what the mattress is so I buy one! I will definitely be back! Oh and try the Bob Marley cocktails (yeah man).

  • Harry S

    Lee's Summit, Missouri

    Amazing Resort!

    I have stayed at many very nice hotels, but the Le Blanc Spa Resort is my new favorite. This hotel is indeed worthy of their Five Diamond rating! The overall service at the Le Blanc is EXTRAORDINARY! From the pool servers to the butlers, we never waited for anything!