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Enjoy the well-being that comes with rest and travel trends on vacations

5 Travel Trends
You Have To Try This Summer

With summer already in full swing, there’s no better way to get into getaway mode than with this year’s top summer travel trends. Whether it’s the classic family summer vacation, trying something new as a couple, or even going at it alone, Moon Palace Resorts and Palace Resorts have the luxury accommodations, itineraries, and destinations to make your ideal trip become a reality.

Here are some big trends for this summer that travelers can expect to see and experience at our resorts.


Wellness is a Priority

Gone are the days of chucking diet and exercise out the window while on holiday. Instead, vacation-goers are now choosing to take their healthy lifestyles with them with data showing that 17 million travelers are choosing "health and wellbeing- focused" vacations over more indulgent pursuits.

Whether it’s at the famed Awe Spa where guests can indulge in many treatments including an 80-minute herbal massage which tackles muscle tension using soft rolling motions with herbal compresses, or at the fitness center where they can break a sweat in a pilates class, wellness seeking vacationers will have no problem keeping up with their healthy routine in world-class amenities suited for every aspect of mind, body, and spirit at Palace Resorts.

Want to take your wellness adventure to the next level? Try Moon Palace Cancun’s Wellness Suites with direct access to an exclusive Wellness Area pool, special room service menu, as well as aqua spinning bikes, a private instructor, and more.

Travel trends for this summer with your couple

More Travelers, Shorter Stays

Based on travel authority Generali Global Assistance's research , more Americans and Europeans plan to get away this summer compared to last year. On the other hand, those vacationers will take shorter trips this time around, with the average vacationer spending a week and a half on holiday as opposed to the previous year’s average of two weeks.

Luckily, even a few days at Moon Palace Resorts and Palace Resorts are enough to hit the beach looking for some adventure in the sun or explore local culture in the Caribbean.

And if that wasn’t enough, trips as short as 3 nights still qualify you to get Resort Credit to spend at your choice. From rounds of golf, to tours of ancient ruins, to adventures in jungles and tropical rainforests, Resort Credit can be applied to all manner of exciting and relaxing activities .

Not that you needed it, but as an incentive to stay longer, the more nights you reserve, the more Resort Credit you have to spend.


Going It Alone

If you’re all about your independence, solo travel may be the thing for you this summer. According to travel experts, vacations for one are quickly gaining in popularity, with travelers opting to take trips without family or friends.

"Traveling solo is on the rise, especially for women,” said travel editor Jessica Bisesto to Southern Living . “Going on an adventure by yourself can give you incredible opportunities that wouldn't be possible if you were traveling with a companion. You'll learn to embrace new cultures more personally, make friends outside of your comfort zone, and discover how independent and self-sufficient you really are."

Conscientious Vacations

Another emerging travel trend this summer is sustainable tourism, where travelers are mindful of their impact on the economy as well as the lives of those living in the destinations that they are visiting.

Matthew D. Upchurch, chairman and CEO of Virtuoso explains , "When people think about sustainability in travel they often only think about the green footprint aspect, but it goes much deeper than that to also embrace support for the protection of cultural and natural heritage, along with social and economic benefits for local people in destinations throughout the world," he explains. "Sustainable tourism is not a trend, it is a travel transformation."

At Moon Palace Resorts and Palace Resorts, we work hard in our role as Caretakers of Paradise by protecting the beautiful natural resources where our resorts are located, making sure that we take part in the latest in recycling and renewable energy programs, and giving back to our local communities. Guests can also get into the spirit with a variety of activities, including helping the Palace Foundation’s efforts to protect and nurture an endangered species through its Sea Turtle Release Program.


Water Sports Top the List

Taking a plunge in the crystal-clear waters of Jamaica or the Cerulean seas off the coast of Cancun is a part of any Moon Palace Resorts or Palace Resorts vacation, but more and more vacationers want action water sports as part of their trips.

Leading social media company Crimson Hexagon analyzed vacation hashtags and found that surfing , waterskiing, and diving all took top spots for the most sought after vacation activities.

And at Moon Palace Resorts and Palace Resorts, it’s easy to indulge in all things water. Whether its stand-up paddle boarding, experiencing FlowRider , or taking in the spectacular ocean life on a diving trip, there’s no shortage of water activities to take your vacation to new heights.


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  • BJRD

    Wilmington, North Carolina

    Excellent entertainment staff

    We spent a week at Beach Palace, Cancun with our family. The entertainment staff kept us busy and entertained all week. Pool volleyball, Zumba and yoga. Trivia games every day and lots of nightly entertainment. Fun for kids and adults.

  • Tahira R

    Bradford, United Kingdom

    Fantastic Hotel

    It’s the first time we have visited Cancun and stayed at the Sun Palace Hotel, we will definitely be going back again. I couldn’t have asked for a better hotel. It was just truly amazing. The food was great. The hotel staff were so polite and friendly.

  • Art H

    Bluffton, South Carolina

    Moon Palace All Inclusive

    Wow! What a week this Is truly a five star resort. If I heard it from one, I heard it from all servers, "Its my pleasure to serve you". The resort's rooms were upscale and the food and food service was five star. We will definitely go back next year.

  • Lizzieoneill

    Altinkum, Turkey

    Wow! What a hotel

    Amazing, staff are wonderful and the beds are so so comfortable, I'm trying to find out what the mattress is so I buy one! I will definitely be back! Oh and try the Bob Marley cocktails (yeah man).

  • Harry S

    Lee's Summit, Missouri

    Amazing Resort!

    I have stayed at many very nice hotels, but the Le Blanc Spa Resort is my new favorite. This hotel is indeed worthy of their Five Diamond rating! The overall service at the Le Blanc is EXTRAORDINARY! From the pool servers to the butlers, we never waited for anything!