Live chat software 5 Hottest Travel Trends of 2018

5 Hottest Travel
Trends of 2018

As the year winds down, and the holiday festivities fall behind us, you may be looking forward to what exciting new adventures the new year will hold. For those planning a vacation with Palace Resorts in 2018, there’s a whole lot more to consider than ever before.
From adrenaline-pumping excursions to paying tribute to generations or lands that came before us, here are 5 Major Travel Trends Palace Resorts is keeping an eye on for next year.

1. Researching your Roots

What if you could actually walk the same streets as your great-great grandfather, see the home where you father was born, or explore the old church where your grandparents got married?
One of the hottest travel trends right now, genealogy vacations are a great way to get in touch with your roots by visiting the places your ancestors lived. If your family lineage traces its roots to or through Mexico or Jamaica you’re in luck, as you can follow in their footsteps while staying at one of the 10 Palace Resorts that will make all your family discoveries even more enjoyable.  
Whether visiting with local townsfolk in your ancestors’ hometown or taking a historical tour to learn more about your family’s origins, more travelers are turning to this trend for the perfect way to combine nostalgia and vacation.

2. The Rise of Sustainable Tourism

From recycling to carpooling, most of us try to be conscious of our carbon footprint in our everyday lives – so why not do the same while traveling?

One of the biggest 2018 travel trends, sustainable travel is all about making simple choices to lessen your negative impact on a given destination. So how do you do that? Simple, choose airlines with carbon offset programs, use local transportation during your getaway, support your destination’s local economy, and make sure that you book your stay at an environmentally-conscious resort like Palace Resorts.

Whether it’s caring for baby sea turtles and releasing them safely back into the Caribbean, recycling thousands of tons of waste, or composting more than 2,000 tons of organic residuals, the Palace Foundation makes sure Palace Resorts stays on the cutting edge of sustainable tourism.

3. Thrill-Seeking Travel

Seeking a little adventure for your next trip? You’re not alone, as more people are trading relaxing by the pool for heart-racing activities while vacationing.

While it’s true Jamaica is world-famous for its perfect beaches, relaxing breezes, and cascading waterfalls, there are also adventurous activities to make any level of thrill seeker happy.

If adrenaline-pumping water sports are your thing, Moon Palace Jamaica has you covered. From Stand Up Paddleboarding  (or SUP if you want to sound cooler) to windsurfing and kayaking, visiting Jamaica is sure to add a little extra adrenaline to your holiday.

4. Viva Mexico

Taking your vacation to Mexico remains one of the hottest travel trends, and for good reason. Between the perfect beach weather, welcoming locals, and 9 luxury Palace Resorts resorts, what’s not to love about traveling to Cancun, the Riviera Maya, or Los Cabos?

“Mexico continues to gain in popularity as it offers colonial cities with culture, architecture and history; the beauty of nature; and a complete cutoff from the ‘real world,’” explains travel expert Lisa Sheldon to the Travel Market Report.
It’s safe to say that word has gotten out on everything Mexico, and Cancun in particular, has to offer. Cancun became the strongest growing destination in all of the Americas according to the Top 100 City Destination Ranking revealed at the World Travel Market London in 2017.


5. Keep it Healthy

Gone are the days of throwing all of your healthy habits out the window when vacationing. Instead, folks are not only staying on point with diet and exercise during their getaway, but they’re even seeking out wellness-based vacays as an opportunity to prioritize mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.
All Palace Resorts properties embrace the wellness lifestyle with special amenities and offerings, including wellness suites, yoga and fitness facilities, and, of course, the most luxurious and pampering spas in the industry. 

The beginning of every year is an opportunity for a fresh start and to make more unforgettable memories. That’s what New Year’s Resolutions are all about. If you want your travel calendar to keep pace with the hottest trends in the market, make sure your resolution includes a stay at Palace Resorts, Moon Palace or Le Blanc!


Ranks among the best resorts in all destinations


  • BJRD

    Wilmington, North Carolina

    Excellent entertainment staff

    We spent a week at Beach Palace, Cancun with our family. The entertainment staff kept us busy and entertained all week. Pool volleyball, Zumba and yoga. Trivia games every day and lots of nightly entertainment. Fun for kids and adults.

  • Tahira R

    Bradford, United Kingdom

    Fantastic Hotel

    It’s the first time we have visited Cancun and stayed at the Sun Palace Hotel, we will definitely be going back again. I couldn’t have asked for a better hotel. It was just truly amazing. The food was great. The hotel staff were so polite and friendly.

  • Art H

    Bluffton, South Carolina

    Moon Palace All Inclusive

    Wow! What a week this Is truly a five star resort. If I heard it from one, I heard it from all servers, "Its my pleasure to serve you". The resort's rooms were upscale and the food and food service was five star. We will definitely go back next year.

  • Lizzieoneill

    Altinkum, Turkey

    Wow! What a hotel

    Amazing, staff are wonderful and the beds are so so comfortable, I'm trying to find out what the mattress is so I buy one! I will definitely be back! Oh and try the Bob Marley cocktails (yeah man).

  • Harry S

    Lee's Summit, Missouri

    Amazing Resort!

    I have stayed at many very nice hotels, but the Le Blanc Spa Resort is my new favorite. This hotel is indeed worthy of their Five Diamond rating! The overall service at the Le Blanc is EXTRAORDINARY! From the pool servers to the butlers, we never waited for anything!