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LOW CARBON GOAL Safeguard ecosystems that regulate climate change and shelter the local community from natural phenomena by protecting the habitat, feeding and reproduction sites of wildlife on our properties.

What is the Sea Turtle Conservation Program?

This program was created in 2006 to look after the sea turtle population that arrives on our shores every year. 

During nesting season (May to September), a dedicated team of experts and volunteers patrol more than 9km of beach every night looking for recent nesting sites. They carefully transfer the eggs into simulated nests in a protected area; this increases their chances of hatching to just under 100%. 

When hatching season gets underway, controlled baby sea turtle releases take place frequently to give these babies every possible chance of survival. More than 2 million baby sea turtles have been successfully released into the Caribbean Sea since the conservation program was created. 


How does our Wildlife Monitoring Program work?

The Moon Palace Private Reserve provides sanctuary and habitat for numerous wildlife species, helping biological cycles to function properly and maintaining healthy ecosystems. 

The sea turtle conservation program safely releases baby turtles into the Caribbean Sea
4 different types of sea turtles nest on Caribbean shores

We want to make sure the best steps are taken to protect local wildlife and their habitats, so we closely observe, monitor, and document all the species of flora and fauna that inhabit or pass through our property. We do this with strategically placed hidden cameras. So far, our research has highlighted 33 different species of reptiles, 7 species of amphibians, 164 bird species and 23 species of mammals, including the white-tailed deer, jaguar and ocelot. A number of these species have been given special protection status, and some are considered endangered.  

The lowland jungle is a critical habitat for numerous species listed as endangered according to Mexican environmental regulation (NOM-059-SEMARNAT-2010).  

How do we rescue wildlife and raise awareness?

Wildlife-related contingencies can be directed to a veterinarian service if necessary, after informing the Environmental Protection Agency (PROFEPA). 

Road signaling, speed limits and speed bumps are in place throughout our properties to prevent local fauna from being injured, and to raise general awareness regarding surrounding species.