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LOW CARBON GOAL: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions at our properties by producing our own biofuel.

How we do it:

All the kitchens at Palace Resorts properties follow an effective program where they separate used vegetable oil that is clean and free from food particles or other products. This recycled oil is collected and brought to our onsite Biodiesel Plant where a pH test is taken to determine whether it is viable to be turned into biofuel.

Batches of approximately 100 liters of oil are placed into a reactor with methanol and potash, where it is heated and left to mix for around 2 hours, ultimately producing the environmentally-friendly biofuel, along with a byproduct of glycerol.

Organic biodiesel is a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels
Just about to fuel up with biodiesel

Biodiesel benefits

⦁ According to the literature, 64% of all greenhouse gas emissions are produced by burning fossil fuels. 300 liters of used vegetable oil are processed at our biodiesel plant every single day, giving us the byproduct of biodiesel. Enough fuel is produced to power all our onsite tractors/sweepers/beach-cleaning vehicles. 

⦁ In 2019, 18, 626 liters of this biofuel were produced, enabling us to reduce greenhouse emissions by 87%.

⦁ Potential fuel spillages have no adverse effects on the environment, as it is vegetable based.