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Let our professionals pamper you, enjoy a relaxing massage in our spa at Moon Palace Jamaica Grande

Herbal steam baths, relaxing massage sessions, and invigorating spa treatments await you at our world-class spa. Let our staff of professionally-trained therapists and aestheticians help reenergize and feel new again. Take a break and spend a few hours getting an indulgent, detoxifying spa treatment in paradise. For reservations, prices and how to use your Resort Credit in the spa, please send us an email to toursjamaica@palaceresorts.com

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Let the magical hands of our professionals pamper you in our spa here  at Moon Palace Jamaica Grande ®


Water Journey: 60 Min.

  1. Initiate your hydrotherapy ritual with a revitalizing shower.
  2. Detoxify your body with our herbal steam or sauna. (5 to 10 min)
  3. Following each heat phase, cool off with our experienced showers or in the ice room using a hand full of ice to gently massage the legs, arms, abdomen and ending with the face. (1 to 5 min)
  4. Relax in our thermal loungers.
  5. Rehydrate your body with plenty of water (flavored or plain) or your choice of tea.
  6. Continue the experience in the pool and enjoy the various jets and water features. (10 to 15 min)
  7. Enjoy our Hot Pool. (5 to 10 min)
  8. Alternate and end the routine with the Polar Pool. (1 to 3 min)
  9. Finalize your hydrotherapy circuit with a shower to rejuvenate the body and change into our spa robe.
  10. Your Spa butler will indicate when time to change is, will escort you into the relaxation lounge where your therapist will meet you for your selected spa treatment.

*Hydrotherapy access is complimentary when you buy any SPA treatment on the same day.


All of our VIP Golden Spa Packages are provided in a private suite with its own double Jacuzzi and special amenities for your comfort.

Passion Island: 190 Min.

Aromatic coffee wrap (50 min.)

Aromatherapeutic massage (80 min.)

Refreshing botanical facial (25 min.)

Anti-Stress: 120 Min.

Aromatherapeutic Massage (80 min.)

Romantic: 90 Min.

Romantic massage (50 min.)


Enjoy the best spa treatment combinations for a perfect day of Spa.

Pul Yah Ceremony: 150 Min.

Caribbean Sea wrap (50 min.)

Aloe massage (50 min.)

Refreshing botanical facial (50 min.)

Relax: 130 Min.

Tropical Caribbean body scrub (25 min.)

Aromatherapeutic massage (80 min.)

Refreshing botanical facial (25 min.)

Citrus Experience: 130 Min.

Citric massage (50 min.)

Citric facial (80 min.)

Ha Xiu Face & Body: 130 Min.

Aromatherapeutic massage (80 min.)

Refreshing botanical facial (50 min.)


Our highly trained specialists offer a variety of massage services for your enjoyment.

Deep Tissue: 80 Min.

Relieves chronic pain caused by bad posture and /or stress. This technique focuses on applying pressure and rubbing designated problem areas, using the masseuse’s elbows and forearms while applying acupressure. This service is finished with a relaxing massage on the rest of the body.

Aromatherapeutic: 80 Min.

Indulge your sense of touch and smell with our aroma therapy massage. A combination of a few classic techniques including shiatsu, Swedish, stretching, and reflexology to balance the body, mind and soul, while using the massage balm of your choice.

Sacred Hot Stone: 80 Min.

The use of hot stones for healing dates back to ancient times. We’ve recreated this sacred stone massage to prevent and alleviate muscle pain while balancing the body’s energy.

Holistic: 50 Min.

For those who seek a balanced massage, we recommend this traditional Swedish technique that focuses on slow and relaxing movements while providing immediate tension relief.

Citrus: 50 Min.

Massage with aromatic citrus balm to invigorate and energize body mind and soul with soft relaxing movements.

Back Deep Tissue: 50 Min.

Fifty minutes of pure “ahhh,” Our stress-relieving massage eliminates muscle tension by honing in on pressure points on the back.


We bring you the most effective products for a deep hydrating and rejuvenating facial experience

Sea Breeze: 50 Min.

Balance combination skin with our Sea Breeze Facial. Peppermint and rosemary applications will balance, moisturize and hydrate dry and oily areas. Revitalizes the skin with hydration and essential minerals.

Citrus: 80 Min.

Enjoy a revitalizing experience with the exquisite and subtle scents of citrus fruits. Attack signs of aging, dryness and expression lines, while nourishing and oxygenating your skin.

Refreshing Botanical: 50 Min.

Ideal for all types of skin, this cooling facial uses a combination of herbs and citrus to leave your skin feeling light and fresh.

Tropical Dawn: 50 Min.

A facial infused with sweet scents of lavender and grape. Specially designed to calm, regenerate and sooth sensitive skin. Ideal for sun-exposed skin.


Enjoy a variety of revitalizing body scrubs, therapeutic body wraps and special slimming treatments for your total body care.

Aromatic Coffee Wrap: 80 Min.

A rich coffee body wrap with anti-cellulite properties. Moisturizes and softens skin with an exquisite scent of ground coffee that provides vitality and well-being.

Tropical Caribbean Scrub: 50 Min.

A tropical and aromatic scrub that moisturizes and removes dead skin cells, while softening and regenerating the outer layer of your skin. Indulge in a delicious coconut and lime scent that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Caribbean Sea Wrap: 50 Min.

A unique marine wrap with a refreshing scent. The algae and seaweed extracts are highly mineralizing, moisturizing and soothing, and are loaded with regenerative properties.

Chamomile – Calendula Wrap: 50 Min.

A delicate aromatic wrap with soothing, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. Recommended for a sensitive skin or after sun-exposure. Contains aloe vera soothing extracts, to protect and heal the skin.


Choose any service of your preference and create your own Spa Bar treatment experience Spa bar 50 min. 75 min. 100 min. and 125 min.

Back Massage: 25 Min.

Relax with an amazing back massage.

Scrub: 25 Min.

Whole body exfoliation that refines skin.

Face: 25 Min.

Mini facial to clean and hydrate your skin.

Hair: 25 Min.

Scalp massage.

Feet & Legs: 25 Min

Feet and leg massage.



Gentlemen´s Haircut: 25 min.

Boy's Haircut: 25 min.

Women´s Haircut: 50 min.

Women´s Trimming  (Blow dry not included): 25 min.

Blow Dry: 50 min.

Hair Style

Hair Straightening: 80 min.

Bridal Hairstyle: 80 min.

Bridal Hairstyle: 80 min.

Rehearsal Special Hairstyle: 80 min.

Hands & Feet

Palace Manicure*: 25 min.

Palace Pedicure*: 25 min.

Deluxe Spa Manicure*: 50 min.

Deluxe Spa Pedicure*: 50 min.

Baltic Stone Pedicure*: 80 min.

Nails Removal or Refill: 50 min.

Acrylic Nails Full Set: 110 min.

Nail Polish Change: 10 min.

Acrylic Nail Repair (Per Nail): 10 min.

Gel Manicure (Shellac o Color Gel OPI): 50 min.     

Gel Removal (Shellac o Color Gel OPI): 25 min.

Acrylic Nails Color: 110 mn.

*Manicure & Pedicure services do not include gel removal (Shellac).


Upper Lip: 15 min.

Eyebrow: 25 min.

Chin: 25 min.

Bikini: 25 min.

Half Leg: 25 min.

Underarm: 25 min.

Full Leg: 50 min.

Back: 50 min.


Half: 50 min.

Full: 110 min.

Long Hair: 150 min.

French Style: 25 min.

Hair Treatments

Argan Oil Scalp Treatment: 25 min.

Make Up Service: 50 Min.

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