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A PRO Specialist Agent is a travel agent who is an expert in all the resorts of the Palace Resorts chain. These agents have visited the resorts and can give you first-hand experience. They have received a rigorous training in all the services and amenities the resorts have to offer: weddings, families, honeymoons, singles and much more! They are ready to answer all your questions about Palace Resorts to give you the best vacation experience.


To find a PRO Specialist in the US, click on your state.

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    Amy Partridge

    Classic Travel Connection

    Email: amyp@classictravelconnection.com

    Phone: 205-566-8852

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    Alma Garcia

    Sunset Travel (Alma Garcia)

    Email: alma@sunsettravel.com

    Phone: 208-777-8201

    Susan Pine


    Email: spine@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 602-485-0808

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    Tammy Wright

    Wright Travel Agency

    Email: tammy@wrighttravelagency.com

    Phone: 415-839-7511

    Marla Wendy Hicks

    Wright Travel Agency

    Email: wendyhicks1@sbcglobal.net

    Phone: 707-794-9671

    Lisa Marciano Peak

    Peak Travel

    Email: lisa@peaktravel.com

    Phone: 408-286-2633

    Yen Pham Nguyen


    Email: yentours@gmail.com

    Phone: 408-8065534

    Vicky Barbour

    Adventure Travel

    Email: vicky@adventureca.com

    Phone: 209-8461807

    Barbara Hylton

    Destination Weddings Travel, Inc

    Email: bhylton@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 508-651-4027

    Patricia A Ortiz


    Email: portiz@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 951-797-3325

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    Shawnee Doster

    Centerpointe Travel Head Office

    Email: shawnee@allabouthoneymoons.com

    Phone: 904-322-7123

    Patti Seiber

    Centerpointe Travel Head Office

    Email: p.s.honeymoons@gmail.com

    Phone: 970-3961985

    Elizabeth Randall

    Globe Travel

    Email: erandall.destinationweddings@gmail.com

    Phone: 303-904-1709

    Elizabeth Randall

    Destination Weddings Travel

    Email: erandall@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 303-904-1709

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    Sue Allen

    Destination Weddings.com

    Email: sallen@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 860-306-1136

    Maureen Malone-Thayer

    AAA Allied Group

    Email: mthayer@aaa-alliedgroup.com

    Phone: 860-701-7050

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    Pamela Gramling

    Destination Weddings

    Email: pgramling@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 305-283-3228

    Alexandra Fusto Grammer

    Destination Weddings Travel

    Email: kim@i-travelagent.com

    Phone: 321-473-4175

    Sheila R. Hyman, Inc.

    Destination Weddings Travel

    Email: shyman@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 954-474-2944

    Shannon Vega

    Destination Weddings.com

    Email: saaronson@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 954-533-4966

    Shannon Harrington

    Tzell Travel and Tours

    Email: shayh@tzell.com

    Phone: 212-944-2121

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    Marie Jernigan

    Destination Weddings Travel

    Email: mjernigan@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 404-936-0750

    Tracy Kirssin

    McCormick Travel

    Email: tracy@mccormicktravel.com

    Phone: 770-421-8200

    Laura Sangster

    The Journey Group

    Email: laura@caribbeanjourney.com

    Phone: 678-901-4416*

    Lian Alston

    Honeymoons Inc

    Email: lian@honeymoonsinc.com

    Phone: 770-831-1800

    Lauren Charlop

    About Going Places

    Email: travel@aboutgoingplaces.com

    Phone: 404-256-1131

    Laurie Gluck

    Destination Wedding Travel

    Email: lgluck@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 404-966-57121

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    Shirley Webster

    Shama Travel

    Email: shirley@shamatravel.com

    Phone: 847-879-1855

    Janet Caraker

    Island Jack's Travel Company

    Email: privateescapes@gmail.com

    Phone: 888-505-8889

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    Melissa Harmon

    Beach Bum Vacation

    Email: melissa@beachbumvacation.com

    Phone: 317- 577-7775 *

    Lisa Zwissler

    Beach Bum Vacation

    Email: lisa@beachbumvacation.com

    Phone: 317-577-7775

    Matthew Lennon

    The Travel Authority

    Email: matt.lennon@thetravelauthority.com

    Phone: 317-376-8966

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    Julie Boeding

    Allied Travel Services

    Email: julie@alliedtravel.com

    Phone: 515-270-7070

    Tami Dickinson

    Shorts Travel Management

    Email: tdickinson@shortstravel.com

    Phone: 563-2858663

    Cindy Miller

    Global Adventures Travel

    Email: cindy@globaladventurestravel.com

    Phone: 515-2630360

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    Linda Gatton

    SeaShores and More

    Email: seashores@kc.rr.com

    Phone: 913-4220156

    Jackie Waechter

    Centerpointe Travel Head Office

    Email: jackiew@allabouthoneymoons.com

    Phone: 816-2608781

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    Thomas Carr

    All Inclusive Outlet

    Email: tom@allinclusiveoutlet.com

    Phone: 859-296-4647

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    Brandi Smith

    Partners In Travel

    Email: brandi@partners-in-travel.com

    Phone: 337-480-0246

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    Thomas Varghese

    AMT American Express Travel

    Email: traveltom@gmail.com

    Phone: 301-545-0116

    Jennifer Gabriel

    Dreamers Travel

    Email: jennifer@dreamerstravel.com

    Phone: 443-621-9743

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    Dawn Asmar

    Destination Wedding Travel Group

    Email: dasmar@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 508-801-6620

    Sonia Estrada

    Destination Weddings.com

    Email: sestrada@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 313-274-9992

    Donna Chevalier

    Destination Weddings

    Email: dchevalier@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 413-436-9597

    Wilena Thayer


    Email: protravel1@comcast.net

    Phone: 508-6348464

    Ellen Paderson

    Destination Weddings

    Email: epaderson@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 508-238-4088

    Ellen Paderson

    Smiles and Miles Travel,Inc

    Email: ellenp1@comcast.net

    Phone: 508-238-4088

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    Michele Thornburg

    Destination Weddings.com

    Email: mthornburg@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 660-998-0211

    DeRinda Wise


    Email: rindys@aol.com

    Phone: 816-524-2471

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    KC Zubrod

    Enchanted Honeymoons Travel

    Email: kc@enchantedhoneymoons.com

    Phone: 402-3909291

    Kristine Thiessen

    Your Travel Center

    Email: kristinet@travelleadersomaha.com

    Phone: 402-391-3223

    Holly Kaiser

    Via Van Bloom Tour and Travel

    Email: holly@viavanbloom.com

    Phone: 402 435-3232

    Jane Webster

    Columbus Tour & Travel

    Email: j4_84@hotmail.com

    Phone: 402-5633606

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    Amy Lewis

    Beach Bum Vacation

    Email: amy@beachbumvacation.com

    Phone: 877-9438282

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    Lois Kasten

    Destination Weddings.com

    Email: lkasten@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 603-745-0971

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    Karen Millward

    Liberty Travel

    Email: millwardk@libertytravel.com

    Phone: 856-848-1222

    Rebecca Pantal Spina

    Crc Travel

    Email: rebecca@crctravel.com

    Phone: 773-525-3800

    Teresa Scullari

    Prestige Travel

    Email: tjsandras@aol.com

    Phone: 732-671-7456

    Diane Monk


    Email: dmonk@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 856-384-8285

    Kyong Yoon

    Liberty Travel

    Email: yoonk@libertytravel.com

    Phone: 201-947-2477

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    Jenny Phillips

    Travel By Jen

    Email: jenny@travelbyjen.com

    Phone: 516-5944109

    Barbara Voerg

    Hudson Valley Traveler

    Email: hvtworldwide@gmail.com

    Phone: 845-345-6100

    Janet Haber


    Email: info@simplicitytravel.com

    Phone: 845-279-9326

    Sharon Viotto


    Email: sharon@designacruise.com

    Phone: 516-867-7215

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    Felix Rodriguez

    Bay Adventures

    Email: felix@bayadventures.com

    Phone: 305-8924280

    Rene Wills

    Destination Weddings Travel

    Email: rwills@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 919-5573614

    Marcie Crater

    Magic Happens Travel

    Email: marcie@magichappens.com

    Phone: 919-678-9800

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    Jodi Kautzman

    Travel Quest

    Email: jodi.lwt@bis.midco.net

    Phone: 701-66701786

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    Kate Evers

    Spectacular Adventures

    Email: kate@spectacularadventures.org

    Phone: 419-695-7239

    Gerald Katz

    First Discount Travel

    Email: info@fdtcincinnati.com

    Phone: 513-791-8359

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    Lia Vincent

    Journey House Travel

    Email: lia@journeyhouse.com

    Phone: 405-463-5800 *

    Carrie Hendricks

    Bentley Hedges Travel

    Email: carrie@bhtravel.com

    Phone: 405-2373333

    Trisha Clark

    Travel Agents Incorporated

    Email: trisha@taiokc.com

    Phone: 405-7525252*

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    Elizabeth Sorkin

    liberty travel

    Email: sorkine@libertytravel.com

    Phone: 267-295-0020

    Nicole Whittington

    Liberty Travel

    Email: whittingtonn@libertytravel.com

    Phone: 866-404-5888

    Joanne Castner

    Beach Bum Vacation

    Email: joanne@beachbumvacation.com

    Phone: 877-943-8282

    Ryan Doncsecz

    VIP Vacations Inc.

    Email: ryan@travelbyvip.com

    Phone: 610-865-1055

    Rebecca Adamson

    Liberty Travel

    Email: adamsonr@libertytravel.com

    Phone: 610-2581643-

    Hazel Moiles

    Lin Mar Travel Service

    Email: linmartravel@aol.com

    Phone: 215-6395700

    Brenda O'Neale

    With This Ring Romance Travel

    Email: bwoneale1@hotmail.com

    Phone: 412-418-0305

    Samuel Camp

    Destination Weddings Travel

    Email: scamp@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 724-3392267

    Marcia Wallach

    Destination Weddings.com

    Email: mwallach@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 215-884-3441

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    Valerie Bennett

    Destination Weddings.com

    Email: vbennett@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 803-3459582

    Paula Wessinger

    Cruise and Travel VIP

    Email: pwessinger@506travel.com

    Phone: 803-2337350

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    Amarjit Keshav

    Destination Weddings

    Email: akeshav@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 901-3836798

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    Elizabeth Jones

    Vacations To Go

    Email: ejones@vacationstogo.com

    Phone: 832-252-2265

    Stephanie Medina

    Centerpointe Travel Head Office

    Email: steph@allabouthoneymoons.com

    Phone: 214-550-3422

    Traci Cross

    Carefree Travel

    Email: tcross@carefreetravel.com

    Phone: 361-992-1421

    Karilyn Barnett

    Destination Weddings Travel

    Email: karilyn@vacationscruisesandmore.com

    Phone: 713-319-6704

    Michelle Bouzek

    Vacations In Paradise

    Email: info@explorevip.com

    Phone: 512-3886526

    Rhonda Dehner

    Modern Vacations

    Email: rhonda@modernvacations.com

    Phone: 281-7239773

    Nanda van Zwam

    Beach Bum Vacation

    Email: nanda@beachbumvacation.com

    Phone: 832-3627458

    Jackie` Maples

    Seewee's Travel by Jackie

    Email: jackie@seeweestravel.com

    Phone: 281-342-6892

    Glenna Clay

    peggys travel

    Email: peggytvl@flash.net

    Phone: 940-8725487

    Edward Luedtke

    Dolphin Travel

    Email: edward@divetechhouston.com

    Phone: 713-9732116

    Gina Griffin


    Email: gina.griffin@frosch.com

    Phone: 214-7471922

    Gayle Hirsch

    Travel World

    Email: gayle.travelworld@gmail.com

    Phone: 817-4245555

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    Travis Haigler

    Area Travel International, Inc.

    Email: travis@areatravelinc.com

    Phone: 453-6270502

    Brent Ritchie


    Email: brent@destinationsinc.com

    Phone: 801-4465000

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    Melinda Webb Huggan

    Dreams and Destinations Travel

    Email: info@wheredreamslead.com

    Phone: 7037241243

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    Barbara Wing

    AAA Allied Group Head Office 2

    Email: bwing@aaa-alliedgroup.com

    Phone: 304-7206026

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    Monica Karnes

    LaMacchia Travel Agency

    Email: mkarnes@lamacchiatravel.com

    Phone: 262-6568300