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M. Name and address of person in charge.

Pursuant to the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Information Held by Private Parties. [LFPD-Mexican acronym] and other applicable provisions, Palace Resorts, S.A. de C.V. (hereinafter generally referred to as "Grupo Palace Resorts®" or the "Person in Charge") Whose Address to Hear and Receive Notice Is the Property Located at Km. 21 of the Cancun-Puerto Morelos Highway facing the Moon Palace Hotel postal code 77500, Cancun, municipality of Benito Juarez, Quintana Roo hereby expressly informs you that:

N. Collection and processing of personal information.

In order to achieve the purposes described in this Privacy Notice, we collect the following types of personal information:


O. Processing of sensitive personal information. Health information.

In specific cases, Grupo Palace Resorts® does not collect personal information of a sensitive nature for the purposes named in the following section.

P. Purposes of treatment.

c. Originating and necessary purposes

7. Security and monitoring of the facilities

8. Employee safety

d. Additional purposes

2. None

Q. Transfer of personal information

The Person in Charge will not transfer any information collected for the purposes described in this Privacy Notice to third parties.

R. Consent for the transfer of information

Your personal information will not be transferred to third parties without your consent, except under the exceptions described in article 37 of the LFPD, and in all cases in compliance with the conditions of article 17 of the LFPD Regulations.

S. Exercise of ARCO rights

Whenever legally possible, you may exercise at any time your right to access, correct, cancel or oppose (ARCO rights) using the procedures we have implemented.

Your request must comply with the requirements of the applicable law, and be directed in writing to our Person in Charge of Personal Information at Km. 21 of the Cancun-Portal Morelos Highway facing the Moon Palace Hotel, postal code 77500, Cancun, municipality of Benito Juarez, Quintana Roo.

The request must contain the following information and be accompanied by:

V. Your name and address or other means of communicating an answer to your request.

VI. Identification documents or a power of attorney.

VII. A clear and precise description of the personal information over which you wish to exercise one of the ARCO rights.

VIII. Any other element or document that will facilitate the location of your personal information.

The Person in Charge will inform you of the decision within no more than 20 business days from the date on which they receive such request. If it is processable, the request will go into effect within 15 business days counted from the date on which the Person in Charge provides you with a response. If the information provided in your request is wrong or insufficient, or if it is not accompanied by the documents necessary to validate your identity or power of attorney, the Person in Charge will require that you correct such deficiencies within five business days after receiving your request before continuing with the process. In such cases, you will have 10 business days to answer the correction requirement, counted from the day after you receive it. The corresponding request will be considered as not presented if you fail to answer within this time.

You may obtain the requested information or personal information as plain copies, electronic documents in conventional formats (this Word, PDF, etc.) by using a restricted and authorized access to the personal data processing system (access) or through any other legal means that guarantees and validates the effective exercise of the requested right.

Alternatively, the Owner may direct their request to derechosARCO@palaceresorts.com , presenting all the above requisites and writing "ARCO Rights and/or Revoking Consent" as the Subject. The processing time will be the same as that mentioned in the immediately preceding paragraph. The use of electronic media in the exercise of ARCO rights authorizes the person in charge to answer the request in the same way, unless the owner indicates clearly and expressly that they wish to be contacted through a different media.

You will be responsible for maintaining the information held by the Person in Charge updated. Therefore you warrant and remain liable for the truth, exactness, applicability and authenticity of the personal information provided, and are responsible for maintaining them properly updated by communicating any change to the Person in Charge.

T. Revoking consent.

You may revoke your consent for the processing of your personal information, without retroactive effect, in all cases in which said revocation does not suppose the impossibility of fulfilling obligations arising from a legal relation in force between you and the Person in Charge.

The consent revoking process, when applicable, will be the same as that set in the immediately preceding section for the exercise of ARCO rights.

U. Limitations on the disclosure of your personal information.

You may limit the use or disclosure of your personal information by sending a written request to our Department of Personal Information. The identification requirements as well as the process for answering your request will be the same as those indicated in section H) of this Privacy Notice (Exercise of ARCO Rights).

V. Modifications or updates of this Privacy Notice.

The Person in Charge may modify, update, increase or in any other way change the content and scope of this Privacy Notice at any time at their complete discretion. In such cases, Grupo Palace Resorts® will publish such changes in the "Privacy Notice – Users" section of their website www.palaceresorts.com. Changes to this Privacy Notice may also be communicated to you by e-mail, when this form of communication has been agreed between you and the Person in Charge for the provision of services by Grupo Palace Resorts®.

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December 16 2013