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A. Name and address of person in charge.

Pursuant to the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Information Held by Private Parties. [LFPD-Mexican acronym] and other applicable provisions, Palace Resorts, S.A. de C.V. (hereinafter generally referred to as "Grupo Palace Resorts®" or the "Person in Charge") whose address to hear and receive notice is Km. 21 of the Cancun-Puerto Morelos Highway facing the Moon Palace Hotel postal code 77500, Cancun, municipality of Benito Juarez, Quintana Roo hereby expressly informs you that:

B. Collection and processing of personal information.

In order to achieve the purposes described in this Privacy Notice, we collect the following types of personal information:

1) Identification

2) Personal

3) Economic, financial and insurance

4) Sensitive information (present state of health)

Grupo Palace Resorts® does not directly collect personal information on minors through formats, questionnaires or through its webpage, Palace Resorts® only processes personal information that is provided by the parents and/or guardians, with their consent in all cases.

The parents and/or guardians may exercise their ARCO rights at any time or revoke their consent relative to personal information on minors that they may have provided for any purpose related to the services or activities acquired under the contract at any of the Grupo Palace Resorts®.

C. Processing of sensitive personal information. Health information.

In specific cases, Grupo Palace Resorts® must collect personal information of a sensitive nature under applicable legislation, related with your present state of health.

Such sensitive personal information will be processed in compliance with the purposes identified in this Privacy Notice and, specifically, for the provision of services offered by the Person in Charge whose nature requires that such person adopts specific measures to ensure the well-being and/or health of our guests.

When such personal information is requested by Grupo Palace Resorts®, its owners may refuse to provide it, in which case Grupo Palace Resorts® will reserve the right to provide or deny the specific service requested.

Grupo Palace Resorts® may also process sensitive personal information related with your present health, when such information is provided by its owner for the provision of services or special assistance, expressly required for their stay in our facility.

D. Processing purposes.

a. Originating and necessary purposes.

1. Provide the services that are expressly contracted, in any of their modalities, throughout your stay at any of the Grupo Palace Resorts® facilities.

2. Ensure the functionality and quality of services by issuing distinguishing identification that will guarantee personalized attention for your needs, the safety of guests throughout the Grupo Palace Resorts® facilities and, when required, the hiring or confirmation of third-party services that are or were requested by the user prior to or during their stay.

3. Allow you access to our online services, if you are eligible and choose to do so.

4. Notify you of any changes in our service.

5. Invoicing of products and services provided, as well as the legal or third-party collection of debts.

6. Statistical and historical record of users.

b. Additional purposes

1. Sending of communications announcing offers and new products and/or services available from Grupo Palace Resorts®.

In addition to the above, we inform you that the personal information on third parties that you provide to the Person in Charge for the fulfillment of indicated purposes (for example, information on other family members), must be provided only after you have been informed that such information will be processed and have read the content of this Privacy Notice.

E.Additional purposes. Processing refusal.

I do not wish to receive any communications announcing offers and new products and/or services available from Grupo Palace Resorts®.

You may revoke your consent for the processing of your personal information at any time in relation to the additional purposes indicated, by using the mechanisms provided in this Privacy Notice and pursuant to applicable legislation.

F. Transfer of personal information.

Your personal information (including sensitive information) may be transferred and processed by persons other than the Person in Charge. The recipients of such transfers (domestic or international), belong to the following categories:

1. Holding companies, subsidiaries or affiliates of Grupo Palace Resorts®; for centralized storage of such information, membership administration, reservation changes, as well as for the collection of statistics to evaluate, improve and design new services for users.

2. Nonaffiliated third parties (suppliers), for the sole and exclusive purpose of allowing them to assist Grupo Palace Resorts in the execution of reservation service, accommodation and additional services required during a guest stay (fulfillment of the legal obligation between supplier and owner).

3. Persons subject to patient/doctor privacy laws and similar obligations, in cases in which the transfer of sensitive personal nation concerning your present or future state of health to any other legally entitled third-party is essential for the provision of medical attention, prevention, diagnostic, health service assistance, medical treatment or the management of health services, when the owner of such information is not in condition to grant their consent, in accordance with the terms set in the General Health Law and other applicable legal dispositions.

4. Collection agencies, for the recovery of unpaid loans and judicial or extrajudicial collection.

5. Business partners, to promote and/or sponsor products, services and special offers.

G. Consent for the transfer of information.

The transfer of personal information referred to in numbers 1 through 5 of the immediately preceding section, does not require your consent under article 37 of the LFPD.

The transfer of personal information referred to in number 5 of the immediately preceding section, requires your consent.

I consent to the transfer of my information to third parties identified as "Business Partners" for the stated purposes.

The acknowledgment and acceptance of this Privacy Notice through the electronic means used by Grupo Palace Resorts® to collect personal information, especially through the webpage www.palaceresorts.com, carries your consent for the transfer of your personal information to "Business Partners".

You may contact Grupo Palace Resorts® at any time to withdraw consent for the future transfer of your personal information.

In all other cases, your personal information will not be transferred to third parties without your consent, unless the transfer is considered under the exceptions of article 37 of the LFPD, and in all cases in compliance with the conditions of article 17 of the LFPD Regulations.

H. Exercise of ARCO rights.

Whenever legally possible, you may exercise at any time your right to access, correct, cancel or oppose (ARCO rights) using the procedures we have implemented.

Your request must comply with the requirements of the applicable law, and be directed in writing to our Person in Charge of Personal Information at Km. 21 of the Cancun-Portal Morelos Highway facing the Moon Palace Hotel, postal code 77500, Cancun, municipality of Benito Juarez, Quintana Roo.

The request must contain the following information and be accompanied by:

I. Your name and address or other means of communicating an answer to your request.

II. Identification documents or a power of attorney.

III. A clear and precise description of the personal information over which you wish to exercise one of the ARCO rights

IV. Any other element or document that will facilitate the location of your personal information.

The Person in Charge will inform you of the decision within no more than 20 business days from the date on which they receive such request. If it is processable, the request will go into effect within 15 business days counted from the date on which the Person in Charge provides you with a response. If the information provided in your request is wrong or insufficient, or if it is not accompanied by the documents necessary to validate your identity or power of attorney, the Person in Charge will require that you correct such deficiencies within five business days after receiving your request before continuing with the process. In such cases, you will have 10 business days to answer the correction requirement, counted from the day after you receive it. The corresponding request will be considered as not presented if you fail to answer within this time.

You may obtain the requested information or personal information as plain copies, electronic documents in conventional formats (this Word, PDF, etc.) by using a restricted and authorized access to the personal data processing system (access) or through any other legal means that guarantees and validates the effective exercise of the requested right.

Alternatively, the Owner may direct their request to derechosARCO@palaceresorts.com , presenting all the above requisites and writing "ARCO Rights and/or Revoking Consent" as the Subject. The processing time will be the same as that mentioned in the immediately preceding paragraph. The use of electronic media in the exercise of ARCO rights authorizes the person in charge to answer the request in the same way, unless the owner indicates clearly and expressly that they wish to be contacted through a different media.

You will be responsible for maintaining the information held by the Person in Charge updated. Therefore you warrant and remain liable for the truth, exactness, applicability and authenticity of the personal information provided, and are responsible for maintaining them properly updated by communicating any change to the Person in Charge.

I. Revoking consent.

You may revoke your consent for the processing of your personal information, without retroactive effect, in all cases in which said revocation does not suppose the impossibility of fulfilling obligations arising from a legal relation in force between you and the Person in Charge.

The consent revoking process, when applicable, will be the same as that set in the immediately preceding section for the exercise of ARCO rights.

J. Limitations on the disclosure of your personal information.

You may limit the use or disclosure of your personal information by sending a written request to our Department of Personal Information. The identification requirements as well as the process for answering your request will be the same as those indicated in section H) of this Privacy Notice (Exercise of ARCO Rights).

K. Automated collection of personal information.

Grupo Palace Resorts® uses cookies to facilitate navigation in its website www.palaceresorts.com. Cookies constitute a tool used by Web servers to save and recover information stored in the navigator used by visitors of the website and allow the saving of their personal preferences in order to provide them with a better navigation experience.

Cookies have an expiry date which can vary between the duration of the session or visit to the website until a specified date when they will cease to operate. Most cookies used in www.palaceresorts.com, are associated only as an anonymous User and equipment, they do not provide any data which reveals the names and surnames of the User, and they cannot read information from your hard drive or include a virus in their text.

We can also collect information using "web beacons", "pixel tags", "clear gifs" or similar media (generically, "web beacons") that allow us to obtain nonpersonal or additional information such as domain names, the areas of websites you visit, your operating system, operating system version, navigator version and the URL of the last site you visited. This information is used to improve your experience at the site and to analyze traffic patterns.

We may also use third party advertising on our sites. These advertisers may also use cookies or pixel tags to identify, among other things, which advertisements were viewed and on what pages.

Grupo Palace Resorts® has no control over the use of such technology by third parties and therefore cannot be held liable for their actions or policies.

You may configure your navigator to automatically accept or refuse cookies or to receive a warning and decide whether to allow cookies or not. We suggest that you consult the help section of your navigator to find out how to change the configuration for accepting or refusing cookies. Even when you configure your navigator to refuse all cookies or refuse cookies from www.palaceresorts.com specifically, you may continue to navigate on our website with the only inconvenience that you will not be able to enjoy its full functionality for certain tasks. In any case, you may eliminate all www.palaceresorts.com cookies in your hard drive at any time by following the process described for that purpose in the help section of your navigator.

L. Modifications or updates of this Privacy Notice.

The Person in Charge may modify, update, increase or in any other way change the content and scope of this Privacy Notice at any time at their complete discretion. In such cases, Grupo Palace Resorts® will publish such changes in the "Privacy Notice – Users" section of their website www.palaceresorts.comChanges to this Privacy Notice may also be communicated to you by e-mail, when this form of communication has been agreed between you and the Person in Charge for the provision of services by Grupo Palace Resorts®.

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November 28, 2013