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A PRO Specialist Agent is a travel agent who is an expert in all the resorts of the Palace Resorts chain. These agents have visited the resorts and can give you first-hand experience. They have received a rigorous training in all the services and amenities the resorts have to offer: weddings, families, honeymoons, singles and much more! They are ready to answer all your questions about Palace Resorts to give you the best vacation experience.


To find a PRO Specialist in the US, click on your state.

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    Amy Partridge

    Classic Travel Connection

    Email: amyp@classictravelconnection.com

    Phone: 205-566-8852

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    Alma Garcia

    Sunset Travel (Alma Garcia)

    Email: alma@sunsettravel.com

    Phone: 208-777-8201

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    Tammy Wright

    Wright Travel Agency

    Email: tammy@wrighttravelagency.com

    Phone: 415-839-7511

    Marla Wendy Hicks

    Wright Travel Agency

    Email: wendyhicks1@sbcglobal.net

    Phone: 707-794-9671

    Camille Hutchison

    Destination Weddings Travel

    Email: chutchison@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 530-852-0732

    Eileen Gauthier

    Destination Weddings

    Email: allwaystraveloc@cox.net

    Phone: 949-859-4062

    Diane Jurado

    Sweet Life Travel

    Email: diane@gosweetlifetravel.com

    Phone: 714-742-4630

    Melanie D'Souza

    Divine Destination Weddings

    Email: melanie@divinedw.com

    Phone: 916-879-0400

    Susan Denno

    All Inclusive Experts

    Email: sue@allinclusiveexperts.com

    Phone: 562 438-9771 *

    Carol McDaniel

    Vacation Discounters

    Email: c.mcdaniel@comcast.net

    Phone: 209-823-3023

    Barbara French

    Amador Dimensions in Travel

    Email: french@zocode.com

    Phone: 2092967196

    Yen Pham Nguyen

    Cruises and Tours Unlimited

    Email: yentours@gmail.com

    Phone: 408-806-5534

    Sharon Smith


    Email: islandstravel@earthlink.net

    Phone: 805-933-9534

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    Alexandra Fusto Grammer

    Destination Weddings Travel

    Email: kim@i-travelagent.com

    Phone: 321-473-4175

    Cameron Akins

    A & A discount cruise and travel

    Email: cameronakins@hotmail.com

    Phone: 407-923-8978

    Sheila R. Hyman, Inc.

    Destination Weddings Travel

    Email: shyman@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 954-474-2944

    Katie Levent

    Elite Travel

    Email: elitetravelkatie@gmail.com


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    Janet Caraker

    Island Jack's Travel Company

    Email: privateescapes@gmail.com

    Phone: 888-505-8889

    Janice Caporale

    The Travel Gallery Inc.

    Email: jmctravel1@hotmail.com

    Phone: 708-453-8282

    Alison Vargas

    Liberty Travel

    Email: vargasa@libertytravel.com

    Phone: 312-922-2041

    Ashleigh Graff

    Island Bridal Travel

    Email: ashleigh@islandbridal.com

    Phone: 217-502-1513

    Janet Caraker

    Island Jack's Travel Company

    Email: privateescapes@gmail.com

    Phone: 888-505-8889

    Kathryn Baginski

    Fox Valley Travel

    Email: kbaginski@foxvalleytravel.com

    Phone: 630-377-0300

    Tim Davis

    Suzi Davis Travel

    Email: jodi.smith@suzidavis.com

    Phone: 309-662-0455

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    Thomas Carr

    All Inclusive Outlet

    Email: tom@allinclusiveoutlet.com

    Phone: 859-296-4647

    Charles L Essick Jr

    Vacation Experts

    Email: larry@vacation-experts.com


    Jessica Little

    Creative Travel Agency Inc

    Email: jessica@creativetravelagents.com

    Phone: 270-885-7550

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    Thomas Varghese

    AMT American Express Travel

    Email: traveltom@gmail.com

    Phone: 301-545-0116

    Darlene Fisher

    Fare Deals Ltd.

    Email: travel@faredeals.com

    Phone: 410-581-8787

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    Michele Thornburg

    Destination Weddings.com

    Email: mthornburg@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 660-998-0211

    DeRinda Wise


    Email: rindys@aol.com

    Phone: 816-524-2471

    Michael Schellhase

    Travel Haus St Louis

    Email: mike@travelhausstlouis.com

    Phone: 314-842-6000

    Kim Mallory

    Romance Wedding Travel

    Email: kim@romanceweddingtravel.com

    Phone: 816-350-1304

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    Kem Matthews

    Email: kem@enchantedhoneymoons.com

    Phone: 402-390-9291

    Kristine Thiessen

    Your Travel Center

    Email: kristinet@travelleadersomaha.com

    Phone: 402-391-3223

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    Felix Rodriguez

    Bay Adventures

    Email: felix@bayadventures.com

    Phone: 305-8924280

    Rene Wills

    Destination Weddings Travel

    Email: rwills@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 919-5573614

    Felix Rodriguez

    Bay Adventures

    Email: felix@bayadventures.com

    Phone: 305-892-4280

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    Kate Evers

    Spectacular Adventures

    Email: kate@spectacularadventures.org

    Phone: 419-695-7239

    Michele Uckotter

    Provident Travel

    Email: muckotter@providenttravel.com

    Phone: 513-884-4038

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    Elizabeth Sorkin

    liberty travel

    Email: sorkine@libertytravel.com

    Phone: 267-295-0020

    Joanne Castner

    Beach Bum Vacation

    Email: joanne@beachbumvacation.com

    Phone: 877-943-8282

    Ryan Doncsecz

    VIP Vacations Inc.

    Email: ryan@travelbyvip.com

    Phone: 610-865-1055

    Maureen Murphy Cook

    Liberty Travel

    Email: cookm@libertytravel.com

    Phone: 215-972-0200

    Mitch Toren

    TripGuy Travel

    Email: mitch@tripguy.com


    Lindsay Snyder

    Liberty Travel

    Email: snyderl@libertytravel.com

    Phone: 412-261-2416

    Marcia Wallach

    Destination Weddings.com

    Email: mwallach@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 215-884-3441

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    Stephanie Medina

    Centerpointe Travel Head Office

    Email: steph@allabouthoneymoons.com

    Phone: 214-550-3422

    Michelle Bouzek

    Vacations In Paradise

    Email: info@explorevip.com

    Phone: 512-3886526

    Samuel Thompson

    Vacations To Go

    Email: sthompson@vacationstogo.com

    Phone: 832-252-2265*925

    Beth Taylor

    The Vacation Hut

    Email: beth@thevacationhut.com

    Phone: 832-379-5799

    Gayle Hirsch

    Travel World

    Email: gayle.travelworld@gmail.com

    Phone: 817-424-5555

    Nanda van Zwam

    Beach Bum Vacation

    Email: nanda@beachbumvacation.com

    Phone: 832-362-7458

    Rhonda Dehner

    Modern Vacations

    Email: rhonda@modernvacations.com

    Phone: 281-723-9773

    Glenda Andress

    JoyRide Travel, Inc.

    Email: joyridetravel@sbcglobal.net

    Phone: 972-298-5554

    Cheryl Wilson

    Ultimate All-Inclusive Travel

    Email: infinitytraveltx@gmail.com

    Phone: 817-736-0836

    Yojany Mathis

    Rennert Travel

    Email: yojany@rennerttravel.com

    Phone: 210-269-2441

    Francisca Winkler

    Destination Weddings.com

    Email: fwinkler@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 817-496-0706

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    Travis Haigler

    Area Travel International, Inc.

    Email: travis@areatravelinc.com

    Phone: 453-6270502

    Sissy Laughbon

    Boomerang Tours

    Email: sissy@boomerangtours.com

    Phone: 801-930-5430

    Brent Ritchie


    Email: brent@destinationsinc.com

    Phone: 801-446-5000

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    Barbara Wing

    AAA Allied Group Head Office 2

    Email: bwing@aaa-alliedgroup.com

    Phone: 304-7206026

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    Monica Karnes

    LaMacchia Travel Agency

    Email: mkarnes@lamacchiatravel.com

    Phone: 262-6568300

    Patti Metzger

    Weddings on the Move, Inc.

    Email: patti@weddingsonthemove.com

    Phone: 262-483-2716

    Cheryl Siemers

    Travel Planners International

    Email: csiemers@wi.rr.com

    Phone: 262-642-2553

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    Janet Haber

    Simplicity Travel Inc.

    Email: info@simplicitytravel.com

    Phone: 845-279-9326

    Lisa Jones

    Worldwide Group Travel

    Email: lisa@worldwidegrouptravel.com

    Phone: 631-786-5301

    Janet Haber

    Simplicity Travel INC.

    Email: info@simplicitytravel.com

    Phone: 8452799326

    Megan Rizzo

    Liberty Travel

    Email: rizzom@libertytravel.com

    Phone: 631-751-1079

    Michael Laudonio

    World Class Land & Cruise Planners

    Email: mlaudonio@cruiseplanners.com

    Phone: 631-647-4532

    Marleny Newton

    Jimmy s Travel Service

    Email: jimmystravel@aol.com

    Phone: 631-254-5290

    Gail Cammarasana

    Top Shelf Travel

    Email: glcam08@aol.com

    Phone: 516-872-8651

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    Elizabeth Castellanos

    West Rock Travel

    Email: libby@westrocktravel.com

    Phone: 501-224-1551 (*)mc

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    Janet Ash

    Centerpointe Travel Head Office

    Email: janeta@allabouthoneymoons.com

    Phone: 970-686-7077

    Mary Pat Caskey

    Centerpointe Travel Head Office

    Email: marypat@allabouthoneymoons.com

    Phone: 215-206-5910

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    Sue Allen

    Destination Weddings.com

    Email: sallen@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 860-306-1136

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    Regina Wilkins

    McCormick Travel

    Email: gina@mccormicktravel.com

    Phone: 770-972-0875

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    Matthew Lennon

    The Travel Authority

    Email: matt.lennon@thetravelauthority.com

    Phone: 317-376-8966

    Jaimi Smith

    Beach Bum Vacation

    Email: jaimi@beachbumvacation.com

    Phone: 317-577-7775

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    Gregory Thien

    RWD Travel

    Email: greg@rwdtravel.com

    Phone: 563-866-3432

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    Jackie Waechter

    Blissful Honeymoons & Destination Weddin

    Email: jackie@blissfulhoneymoons.com

    Phone: 816-260-8781

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    Donna Chevalier

    Destination Weddings

    Email: dchevalier@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 413-436-9597

    Therese Strauss

    Dedham Travel

    Email: dedhamtravel@aol.com

    Phone: 781 329-1160 *9/25

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    Kathie McKeever

    Travel Leaders

    Email: kmckeever@travelleaders.com

    Phone: 201-210-7880

    Beverly Tanner

    Destination Weddings Travel

    Email: btanner@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 313-274-1734

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    Christina Sherwin

    Midwest Travel Service

    Email: christina@midwesttravelservice.com


    Kimberly Koehn

    Destination Weddings.com

    Email: kkoehn@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 320-203-1873

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    Sandra Favre

    Travel Experts

    Email: sandi@viagiotravel.com

    Phone: 228-871-5071

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    Sally Jane Smith


    Email: sally@thetravelsmiths.com


    Teresa Scullari

    Prestige Travel

    Email: tjsandras@aol.com

    Phone: 732-671-7456

    Grace Bonaguro

    Landmark Destination Events, LLC

    Email: grace@landmarkdestinationweddings.com

    Phone: 917-748-7379

    Cliff ODay

    Callahan Travel

    Email: callahantravel@vacation.com

    Phone: 201-556-0770

    Karen Millward

    Liberty Travel

    Email: millwardk@libertytravel.com

    Phone: 856-848-1222

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    Lia Vincent

    Vincent Vacations

    Email: lia@vincentvacations.com

    Phone: 405-418-4180

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    Sherryl Dabbs

    Destination Weddings Travel

    Email: sdabbs@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 864-578-8854

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    Tracy Heezen

    Travel Partners

    Email: theezen@travelpartners.tv


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    Amarjit Keshav

    Destination Weddings

    Email: akeshav@destinationweddings.com

    Phone: 901-383-6798

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    Constance Riker

    Create The Moment Travel

    Email: connie@createthemomenttravel.com

    Phone: 360-790-6451

    Rajiv Sawhney

    East West Tours

    Email: agentrajiv@gmail.com

    Phone: 425-647-4762